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Or may be the process starts even when a child is inside and only his head is seen?

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The hospital personal can have the fast or slow clock or they just like to round up or down the time that will be also incorrect.The practice of many astrologists shows that the moment when the chart starts working can be determined before or after the evens mentioned above and is very individual.In cases with Caesarean sections the time can vary within 1.5 hours in the process of childbirth!For example, the day time: morning, afternoon, evening or night.But if your mother has many children she can mix the time of your birth and some mistakes can occur.But if a client gives you the time when he or she was born, recorded accurately up to the minute, nevertheless it is not enough.

Why this minute, determined and remembered was an exact one?

In this case the work of any astrologer can be paralyzed, at least until they discover the right time of their clients' birth.

The work is very hard and thorough, because the exact time of birth plays a very important role in the predictions.

We have some modern methods of delivering, for example, Caesarean section, a childbirth form when a newborn is delivered with the help of a surgery.

This is absolutely unnatural procedure, so people try to interfere in the nature job.

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