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"It was an opportunity for us to reset the EA Sports Hockey League with NHL 16 and ensure that we're delivering an experience that our fans wanted," said NHL 16 producer Sean Ramjagsingh of the mode's absence from NHL 15, speaking during a conference call with members of the media this week.

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It added another level to the strategy of the game. I do agree that the balance issue is addressed without having so many attributes.Finally - to the people who want total competitive balance - welcome to online gaming. How often do you get your butt handed you because you haven't unlocked the guns, attachments, abilities, and kill streak rewards that the nerdo who's played 50 consecutive hours has?I think that comes with the territory - you have to commit and play the game to improve.The EASHL that appears in NHL 16 differs from its previous incarnations in a few key aspects, with the most notable change being the elimination of player progression.This could prove to be a controversial shift for a mode that has always been built around improving your created player's attributes, but it's what the fans want, according to EA Canada.Yea, I can't seem to figure out what leveling up does... I've been playing this since the first EASHL and I find this TERRIBLE that there isn't an ability to customize your attributes...

You get "badges" but they don't seem to do anything. Well pro is easy, its gonna be high scoring, i play on highest difficulty with hardcore simulation applied and goalie reaction speed all the way uo for both me and cpu, and i get tight, lower scoring games Everybody is different, try messing with a bunch of sliders until you fine tune the game that works for you And 16 blows 15 or of the water It goes both ways.

Following the disappointing NHL 15, developer EA Canada is trying to right the ship under a new order: listen to the community.

That effort kicks into high gear next week, when the studio will launch a beta for EA Sports Hockey League, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

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So winning is still important and that part is still fun. It was comically broken and resulted in a terribly unrealistic experience. I don't know anyone who only played until they reached 250 games and then said, "Well, I've maxed out my attributes.