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It is amazing the ambiance and appreciation the French have for overwhelming sacrifices made by the troops on D-Day.

Ralph Schoenig June 8/05 Ralph Schoenig REUNION 2005, 145 YEARS, CALGARY, QUEENSS OWN RIFLES OF CANADA In the here and now, balding or white haired we search the faces for old friends to see how they have fared.I don't know when the depot closed but it was certainly there in 1967 because I was seconded from 1 QOR from 1 Mar to 24Jun 67 to train infantry and engineer recruits when the 2nd battalion was in Cyprus. Looking fwd to see you at the Reunion in Jun 05 9 or in Canada 7 JOHN SYDNEY BYATT Very informative site! I am so very glad we were able to keep 'Toppys' medal in Canada.Ray Bunner Ray Bunner I am pleased that Fred Topham's Victoria Cross will remain in Canada. What was his family thinking, to let this piece of Canadian history leave the Country? We are looking forward to seeing long lost friends at the reunion. E.(SAM) I am the youngest daughter of Don & Verla Bernicky and have had the pleasure of getting an email from Len Belanger and have spoken many times over the years to John & Lois Cowick.Dunlop " I myself was so very pleased to meet up with Betty Waldron, who had been a friend of Mom's,first met in Germany. Jim Crichton I was watching the news this evening June 3rd, 2005 and very surprised to hear about the reunion of the Queen's Own Rifles. It has also been mentioned promenently in the last two issues of the Powderhorn newsletter.And also to meet Rosanne Pickford Way (I hope spelling is correct) my Grade 1 teacher from Germany, where we attended school on base in H-huts. It is Monday morning and time to reflect on the 2005 QOR of C Reunion. A great show and you all should feel proud for having done such a wonderful job. I would have enjoyed the opportunity of attending and surprised that neighbours of mine who were Queen's Own Rifles and know that I served with this regiment could not have taken the time to let me know. We try to keep everyone informed of what is happening within the regimental family.The bugle snaps across the hall blowing Reveille for the long and the short and the tall.

Last Post will sing its mournful song for those still standing and those of us that are gone.

I must admit that it is a lot quieter that is was last year.

I just arrived back to Paris from my trip to Normandy to participate in the 61 anniversary of D-Day.

We know we must make the best of the here and now and we still dont know the why, or the when, or the how.

Our regiment will keep on marching on and we will note our heroes who have gone.

Ralph Schoenig I will be attending the Calgary reunion in June. I served with him as a regular force officer at Central Militia Area from 1978 to 1981. In the Dec 2004 Powder Horn Don Ethell's remembrance of the events in Calgary in the 60s are a little fuzzy. Our handsome Jimmy Moore a man of great kindness, courage and family hero has left us. Loving father of Donald (deceased), Marian Read and her husband Larry, Barbara and his granddaughters Deanna and Daniela. Resting at the NEWEDIUK FUNERAL HOME, KIPLING CHAPEL, 2104 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke (two blocks north of Rexdale Blvd.)from Thursday 2 to 4 p.m. Sgt Bill Paton Vancouver, BC Canada - RSM Syd Byatt and his wife Patricia are looking forward to meeting old QOR friends.