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39-year-old, petite, single female in a wheelchair seeks a personal care assistant. I live in a safe neighborhood in a spacious apartment.Cost of living is also tied to income, as salary levels in a geographic area are measured against these expenses.A cost of living index allows you to directly compare what it costs to live in one area against another, helping you understand how far your money can go in each place.One of most important determinations you need to make before moving to a new city or town is how much it will cost to live there.“Cost of living” is the amount of money you need to sustain a certain lifestyle in a given place.Because the price of goods and services varies from one city to the next, calculating the cost of living will determine how affordable it is to live in a certain area.

The expenses that factor into cost of living can include housing affordability, transportation expenses, food prices and entertainment costs.

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Items on which the index is based have been carefully chosen to reflect the different categories of consumer expenditures.”C2ER was founded in 1961, and continues to exist today as a nonprofit organization, “comprising research staff of chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and agencies, and related organizations throughout the United States.” C2ER has published its quarterly Cost of Living Index since 1968.

And for as long as I’ve known her, she has helped me make connections with other people.

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