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Reoccurring dreams teach us that if we want to have different results, we need to take different actions.

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If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.It doesn’t matter how far apart the dreams are, the important piece here is that the dream repeats.Many people find reoccurring dreams disturbing, if only for the fact that they seem to be stuck on repeat. And if you have a sense that your reoccurring dream is meaningful, you’re right…The recurrent dream acts as a reminder that you are doing the same thing over and over again.They can show you that you are repeating the same behaviors that haven’t worked in the past or that you are holding on to beliefs that no longer serve you.Even if you don’t actively use your dreams, most dreams will not reoccur.

Sometimes, however, there is something *so* important that it needs your attention.

The repetition shows that the same situation is still present in your life.

Once you take action on your reoccurring dreams, the dream will transform and eventually stop.

Knowing the exact date the dream started is not important.

What is important is the time period of your life, what was going on, and what your life was like.

Dreams in general provide valuable insights about your life.