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Engineer dating guide

They know how to do things the right way, because it is the smart way.Their scientific attitudes are usually reflected in their bedroom prowess as well. A man can be confident, because he knows that he can deliver. They also have a good sense of body position, so they probably know where to put things and how to move it once it’s there. Kissing is an instinctual act that needs no direct instruction or direction.

[Read: The 9 big issues on a man’s mind when having sex] #3 He’s a gentleman.These types of guys adhere to the adage, “Ladies first.” He won’t allow himself to finish knowing that a girl hasn’t achieved an orgasm yet.Not only that, gentlemen are more likely to make women feel empowered and taken care of because of their penchant for avoiding offense.Basing a person’s skill in bed on their appearance is absolutely useless.Looks alone cannot determine whether a guy can be good in bed.[Read: 11 ways to know you’re dating a real gentleman] #4 He walks confidently and naturally.

A man who is sure of himself usually walks, not with swag, but with self-assurance.

You cannot rely on playboys as well, because the amount of women they slept with is not a good basis for their abilities.

Some guys are just in it for the numbers or their self-serving interests.

He does not second-guess himself and he knows how to admit that he’s wrong. When you kiss a person, you do it by feeling for your partner’s reactions.

If a man has had enough sexual experiences, he probably knows exactly what to do and how to do it without doubting his abilities. Good kissers know how to move their mouths and bodies with their partner’s.

This means that he has little to no doubt in his abilities as a man in his career, social circle and love life. Some men base their decisions on instinct alone and the way they assess other people’s feelings.