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Dating elvis

The three ended up in an informal jam session, which Sam Phillips wisely committed to tape.

The latter was taken from South's second album, "Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?In 1961, the group changed their name to The Oak Ridge Boys."Wasted Years" was also recorded at about the same time by the Sons Of Song, and their recording is significant, being the first Nashville recording to use an Echoplex (a tape delay echo chamber) to create a fluttering sound on an electric guitar, though the effect is very exaggerated on this number.He first gained some measure of success in the music business when Gene Vincent recorded two of his songs in 1959.His own recording career began about the same time when he played as a studio musician for the National Recording Corporation and cut his first own tracks.Information about 508 original versions of recordings by singer and entertainer Elvis Presley.

See when recorded and by whom, with interesting historical data. This is the original site of information about original versions of numbers recorded by Elvis Presley, which I began in about 1995.

The melody of "We'll Be Together" is, in fact, that of an old Mexican or Californian folk song, called "Carmen Carmela" (also called "Carmen Carmella").

The number was first recorded in 1904, probably May or June, by Rafael Herrera Robinson and released on Edison cylinder number 18526 in June 1905.

Here's a strange little 52-second song from the film "The Trouble With Girls." Strange, not only because of its length, but also because it uses, like "Love Me Tender," the tune of "Aura Lea," the Civil War poem set to music.

The original version therefore relates to the earliest known recording of "Aura Lea"—as far as I am aware, nobody recorded "Violet" before Elvis and I don't see why anyone would want to after him...

However, Tharpe's own version was only recorded in 1947, whereas the recording by the Southern Sons from 1941 is clearly the same number, even if it has the different title of "Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air."Shortly after William Langford left the Golden Gate Quartet, he joined the Southern Sons.