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Dating a vintage singer sewing machine

When the Singer 20 toy sewing machine was introduced in 1910 it was in a league of its own.

dating a vintage singer sewing machine-21

10/14/53 *****transitional production run 221__ AL 68-73 ….. 10/17/51 *****transitional production run 221K_ EH 00-01 ….. 09/04/53 *****transitional production run 221K_ EK 20-21 ….. 08/19/47 *****transitional production run 221-1 AH 31-34 ….. 01/23/50 *****transitional production run 221-1 AJ 55-59 ….. 03/04/53 *****transitional production run 221K_ EJ 21 …………. 11/18/53 *****limited production run (200 units) 222K_ EJ 26-27 ….. The data was condensed into the quick and easy Two Digit Dating System by class221

10/21/53 *****limited production run (400 units) 222K_ EJ 226439-23 ….. The exact number of Featherweights actually produced is not known.

In 1862 Pfaff constructed his first sewing machine after the Howe system.

In July 1862, he delivered his first machine to the master shoemaker Jacob Peter from Kaiserslautern.

For instance, every Singer model produced in 1934 at Elizabethport had the same prefix (AD).

03/30/61 Singer manufactured many different models with the same two letter prefix.

10/14/53 *****limited production run (200 units) 222K_ EJ 226039-226438 ….. The Singer Sewing Machine Company has published the complete list of serial numbers reserved for each production run of the Featherweight.