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In the years around 1550, a pupil at the school was John Derrick who in later life became a Queen's Coroner for the county of Surrey.

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Left with no livelihood, they converted their now empty shop into a dairy.A major purpose of Norman castle building was to overawe the conquered population.It had £26 spent on it in 1173 under the regency of the young Henry II.The Basingstoke Canal also was built to connect with the Wey navigation, putting Guildford in the centre of a network of waterways.The Chilworth gunpowder works operated right through the Industrial Revolution, and transported much of its wares through Guildford and its toll paid A six-mile (10 km) branch of the London and South-Western Railway from Woking to Guildford was opened in May 1845.This is preserved in the "Constitution Book" of Guildford.

On Monday, 17 January 1597 (Julian date and thus 1598 by modern reckoning), he bore written testimony as to a parcel of land in the parish of Holy Trinity in Guildford which, originally waste, had been appropriated and enclosed by one John Parvish to serve as a timber yard.

In 1846, Acts were passed for making two railways from Guildford: one leading to Godalming, and the other to Farnham and Alton; and in the same year, an Act was obtained for a railway from Reading, via Guildford, to Dorking and Reigate.

From 1820 to 1865 Guildford was the scene of severe outbursts of semi-organised lawlessness commonly known as the "Guy Riots".

As the threat of invasion and insurrection declined, the castle's status was demoted to that of a royal hunting lodge: Guildford was, at that time, at the edge of Windsor Great Park.

It was visited on several occasions by King John, Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry III.

The Guys would mass on the edge of the town from daybreak on Guy Fawkes Night, wearing masks or bizarre disguises and armed with clubs and lighted torches.