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I put it on a plant on our back porch before going to bed, where it greated me the next day and climbed onto me again. That night, at some point it was gone and my mother passed that day. I’m very confused and I’m looking forward to guidance from angelic realm. Your posts are interesting but don’t answer my query and wonder if you can assist.

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Before we enter in the butterfly dome, we were talking aboit our departed love ones, my mom and my two brothers and about his mom.Every time I looked out the window for any reason, there was a white butterfly in my yard. However, if I purposely looked outside to see a butterfly, I wouldn’t.So I figured I had to let go of the moment to see one. I would sit outside on my deck and meditate and every time I opened my eyes, a white butterfly would be flying around me. A few times it startled me and I swatted at it like a fly.I started talking to her, offer my hand, she accepted the offer and climbed on. Now I have validation that my mother and grandmother are still around, and I am so grateful for the experience. Reply Today December 4th 2017 in Edmonton Alberta, I arrived at work this morning to find a butterfly in the shop, no idea how it lived into December with our cold weather but its here now flying around the shop Reply It was the most beautiful thing and I know it was very spiritual!! They where flying around me but was so magical was that they were flying so so close to me I would say not even 5 cm .I was so ecstatic that I grabbed my huge phone with the left hand, started recording, and as I was trying to take a picture, (while recording), another monarch came flying to my hand. I had taken care of a lady named Jones sparks that I cleaned her house for 8 years when she was became more frail I decided that she should come home with me and my children only months after that but died very peaceful but what she brought along with her was her husband’s ashes in a little marble vase I kept it for a good 5 months after she died but I just felt like he needed to be released well I live in Florida there’s lots of bodies of water so me and the kids took him over the bridge where people fish it didn’t feel right my kids said keep driving we went to another place it was tons of people around and it just didn’t feel right then we drove up by the Library there was a duck and I know she’d love to read so we set him free at the library and we dumped all he’s ashes in there I said by Sparky and by Joan I love you it was rainy that evening and it was already dark but out of nowhere a monarch butterfly flew down on myy son’s thumb right next to me in the it was beautiful and I knew that’s releasing him into the ocean was definitely what we should have done no question❤ xox the divine Reply I have received an offer for a new job recently. The next day I was sitting I a nature and the next moment I see all this butterflies and I thought let me sit down and see what happens.One of the people who emailed me about this wondered if it is a forerunner to the end of to the world that is coming in 2012 that she has been hearing so much about.

These dead birds are actually very similar to the “Death” card in a tarot deck.

Once you have dealt with it and are ready to move on, the universe will send you a message to let you know that it is now time to move forward with your life.

That is what these dead birds are, a message that whatever you were dealing with is now “dead” and behind you and you are now ready to move forward with the new opportunity that has been presenting itself to you but that you have been ignoring for some reason.

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